Piaggio PD-808

 NOTE: This is an older FS-2002 compatible version. FS-2004 and FS-X users should get the new version available in FS-2004 and FS-X aircraft sections

Initially a joint venture between Douglas and Piaggio, and later only manufactured by Piaggio as Douglas withdrew from the project after the merger with McDonnell. Piaggio continued with the project, but the subsequent delays gave time for the Learjet 23 and the HS-125 to enter the market. This left Piaggio with an aircraft with very little commercial interest. In fact only 2 civilian PD-808s were manufactured. One served as private jet for Piaggio itself, the other crashed due to bad weather while demonstrating to it's only civilian buyer. The italian air force ordered 25 examples anyway, therefore saving Piaggio from bankruptcy. They were used as trainers, VIP transports, Navaid calibrators and ECM platforms. All the 25 units are now disbanded as have reached the maximum flying hours. The last PD-808 flew on May 17, 2003 after more than 25 years of valuable service.


PD-808 V1.2

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