Piaggio P-166A

Thanks to Andrew Spring of www.p166.com!! The second of the coming P-166 aircraft series. I'm going to built the whole family of these graceful twins. The Piaggio P-166A is a light small twin. An Exotic twin-engine prop that sold all over the world including America, UK, and Australia. Its origin is traced Back to the Piaggio P-136, a light amphibian, which the P-166 keeps the wings, the engines and the tail-planes. The first P-166A flew in November 1957. The aircraft is still in production in a slightly modified turboprop version, the P-166D-P1. This model is 788 Kbs with c.a. 23000 polygons in c.a.170 assemblies. (see something in common with the previous one? YES: 99%...) Features Clickable Dynamic VC with non-planar throttle quadrant. Detailed internals. Fully compatible with FS 2002 (pro edition) Not said about the M version!! The flight Dynamics is based on real data, provided by Piaggio Itself: control surfaces, engines, weights, etc...


  2. AGIP Mineraria I-MINT
  3. Papuan Airlines VH-PND
  4. Northrop corp. N7651E

Piaggio P-166A

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Flight Dynamics Update

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This file applies to ALL the P-166 versions. You can download it only once.