Piaggio P-166BL2

Thanks to Andrew Spring of www.p166.com!! The fourth of the coming P-166 aircraft series. I'm going to built the whole family of these graceful twins. The Piaggio P-166A is a light small twin. An Exotic twin-engine prop that sold all over the world including America, UK, and Australia. The BL2 version has some great improvements with respect to the older series: the new IGSO-540A1C engine pulls the aircraft at top speeds up to 180 Kts and performs great at high altitudes due to injected fuel. Comes with longer re-modelled nose for greater aerodynamics that lets install new advanced avionics. The larger tip tanks improve greatly the plane's range. The First BL2 is dated 1975. Its origin is traced Back to the Piaggio P-136, a light amphibian, which the P-166 keeps the wings, the engines and the tail-planes. The first P-166A flew in November 1957. The aircraft is still in production in a slightly modified turboprop version, the P-166D-P1. This model is 788 Kbs with c.a. 23000 polygons in c.a.170 assemblies. Features Clickable Dynamic VC with non-planar throttle quadrant. Detailed internals. Fully compatible with FS 2002 (pro edition)


Piaggio P-166BL-2

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Flight Dynamics Update

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This file applies to ALL the P-166 versions. You can download it only once.