Piaggio P-166DP-1

Thanks to Andrew Spring of www.p166.com!! The last model of my Piaggio P-166 series. The P-166DP-1 is a renewed version of the P-166DL3. The P-166DL3 is the las production version of a plane that first flew in 1957, now with turboprop engines, new avionics, increased fuel capacity, and completely new hydraulic and electric system. The DP-1, in addition, has more powerful engines (PT-6A-121), new avionics and other little changes as electric trims and similar. It is a mid-life upgrade for the P-166DL-3. This package represents the aircraft as it appeared during flight testing. Features Clickable Dynamic Photoreal VC with non-planar throttle quadrant. Detailed internals.

Piaggio P-166DP1

Download Size: 8 MB


Flight Dynamics Update

Download Size: 3.2 MB


This file applies to ALL the P-166 versions. You can download it only once.