Piaggio P-180 Avanti

NOTE: This is an older FS-2002 compatible version. FS-2004 and FS-X usres should get the new version available in FS-2004 and FS-X aircraft sections

The Piaggio P-180 is a high-speed high-efficiency turboprop aircraft. Capable of speeds up to 395 KTAS (or M0.68) up to its service ceiling of 41000ft. This performance is achieved by extreme aerodynamic optimization instead of sheer power. The end result is an aircraft that burns 40% less fuel than the average jet of comparable size, while flying at the same speed range, or 30% less than an equivalent size turboprop, as it flies much faster. The pusher propellers on the wings mounted much backwards thanks to the forward wing set make it a comfortable and quiet ride for the passengers, that also enjoy a very spacious cabin for an aircraft of this size. Features Clickable This model is 804 Kbs with c.a. 19000 polygons in c.a.170 assemblies. Features Clickable Dynamic Photortreal VC with Night Lighting, night lighted internals, Photoreal 2D Cockpit, Engine start Effect, advanced FDE, Customizable Payloads.
**READ NOTES BEFORE FLYING**(README.TXT, P180_REF.HTM AND P180_CHECK.HTM, also available as reference and checklist in FS kneeboard...)


P-180 V1.0

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Paint Kit (Optional)

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