Piaggio P-180 V3.1 Update

The Piaggio P-180 V3.0 has been updated! The optional upgrade package includes:

  • Misbehaving clickspots: altitude selector now is only +-100ft, easily operable via mouse wheel.
  • Missing Recognition light effect: the file was mistakenly not included in the 3.0 release
  • lowered ITTs: for better hot climate behavior; now only very (very) hot days cause problems.
  • passenger removed form cabin
  • Heading indicator/gyro now automatically synchronizes periodically.
  • loading time reduced: CAB gauge is now packed properly

And, for FS-X users only:

  • Autopilot ALT Mode misbehavior: this function now performs as intended (the problem was not present in FS-9).
  • High-resolution cabin and cockpit textures.

For FS-2004 Users: Piaggio P-180 Avanti

For FS-X Users: Piaggio P-180 Avanti (DX-10)