Piaggio PD-808 V2.2 Released!

A new version for the Piaggio PD-808!

Published as an update for the FS-2004 edition, it is a complete package for FS-X! The new content is:

  • 3D models updated with full virtual cabin/cockpit for all versions (full exterior included from virtual cockpit view)
  • Windshield heating does not overheat unless the external temperature is above 30°C
  • Widescreen panel (4/3 version still available)


This is big news for FS-X users since the 2.1 package was never released for their sim until now! Only, they get V2.2X directly! For FS-X users, this is not a FS-2004 port-over, but a Direct-X 10 compatible model, featuring FS-X eye-candy such as bump mapping, self shadows, and even virtual cockpit shadow mapping!


FS-9 users get the upgrade here:

Piaggio PD-808


FS-X users, get the 100MB package here:

Piaggio PD-808 (DX-10)